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Hi Hi Hi Hi!

I am hopped up on Diet Dr. Pepper and too much Cadbury Special Dark and desperately in need of a break from reviewing L'Hopital's Rule, SO.

I'd like to announce Round Two of LJ Big/Little Week.

I figure we're gonna need something to get over the lull that is bound to occur following the end of Harry Potter. Plus, August is a generally sucky month anyway, so why not make it brighter?

I have no dates plotted yet. This post is mostly just to plea for help. I need 2-3 people who can take over certain parts of the process. I need (1)someone to assign the Bigs and Littles, (2) someone to make the daily posts for giftage (this may also include providing a list of prompts/ideas to add to my previous brainstorms), (3) someone to keep track/manage the gifting in order to assure that everyone is getting something out of this (last time around, this mostly involved me being a bitch to those who were slacking without any previous excuses.)

That doesn't leave a whole lot for me to do. Decidedly, this is a good thing; I'm just going to stay on in an advisory role. You all know how it works now, but I can handle the tough issues and the details, etc.

I need the REST of you, however, to SPREAD THE WORD. If you want to take a new Little, get to the advertising! We're not going to match Bigs and Littles this time--any of those who participated in the first round are Bigs. Anyone new who joins is a potential Little. So if there's someone on your flist that you want to spoil like the dickens, recruit their asses over here.

(Alternatively, if there's enough demand for it, we can do it just like last time... but it's generally easier to have one set of Bigs and one set of Littles and not everyone participating in both sets. Oh my, this is confusing even to me.)

I am HOPING for this to all go on within a month's time. One week to work out the group management, one week to recruit, one week to plan gifts, one week for giftage. So, tentatively, we're looking at the middle of August. Just as a heads up.

Okay. I think that's it. Let me know if you have questions or are interested in fulfilling one of the management roles.

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Sorry it took me longer to get this posted... I got distracted by Conan... *shifty*

(yeah yeah, so I gave you an extra one because I felt guilty.)

That's sixteen of you revealed now! Only nine more to go...


Hey girls!

Well, forgive my (inherent) laziness, but I've been trying to think of creative ways to do this for the past (nearly) two weeks and am coming up short. Basically, it's easy to do something creative and fun in real life, but in order to do something like I'm accustomed to, you'd all have to be in the same room or able to interact, that's just nigh impossible on LJ.

So, at the very least, I'm going to spread it out a bit so that you can all see who everyone else's Big is.

Do, please let me know if I get something mixed up/confused. I don't think I will, but I'm at my parents' house right now and don't have all my madly-scribbled notes surrounding me, so it's easy to get confuzzled. :-D

Just look for your username and click on the jelly beans to be forwarded straight to your Big. :)

I'll post five more at midnight and then the rest tomorrow!

PS: lucy_starlet? Your Big has started to leave your presents on the previous posts, if you want to check for them!
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Gift Day #5


First, a few notes:

(1) DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT reveal yourself to your Little on this post. Revelation will take place, most likely, on the 20th. If you have any particular conflicts with this date, let me know ASAP, along with a date (before the 21st, because I will be in D.C.) that you will be available. I will then have to make sure that your Little is also available on that date, so the sooner I know, the better.

I realize that it's a pain to have to wait even longer to reveal yourselves, but there are a few participants out of town (one who will be gone till the 19th and has yet to send or receive any of her presents--this was an unexpected absence, so please don't hold it against her) and I think it's only fair to give everyone a chance to catch up before the fun's all over.

(2) DO feel free to offer up your guesses as to who your Big might be. And you might also try dropping a clue or two for your Little to guess your identity; I know some of you are doing that already, which is a lot of fun. :)

Okay, that should be it. If I think of anything, I'll add it in the morning/after work, so keep an eye on this post. :)

For now, though, go ahead and comment with your final gifts! (And don't forget the username in the comment header. :))
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Gift Day #4

Hey ya'll--go ahead and post gifts for day four here!

I should also mention that we've had one person drop out due to her schedule, but her Big graciously took her Little in her stead, so everything's worked out shiny-like. :) Cheers!

Gift Post Day 2

Go ahead and start posting your comments for Day 2! :)

Please remember to comment anonymously if you're not using a sock puppet account. You've all done great so far; just a friendly reminder.

Keep it up, guys! I'm loving these so far... it's almost as much for me to just see what you're all capable of... hell if I knew I had such talented friends (and friends of friends)... ;)

Okay, okay... back to the studying grind for me...

Also: ladyfiresprite, glass_icarus, cutesiness and lucy_starlet are still waiting for their first gifts! (One of these lovely ladies has a currently-absent Big, but I'm not giving anything away! She already knows who she is.) Their bigs can leave gifts for both Days 1 and 2 on this post.
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Gift Post Day 1

Welcome to Big/Little Week!

Please leave an anonymous comment to this post with your Little's first gift! (Or, if you've created a sock-puppet account, just use that.) Make sure to put your Little's username as the comment subject so it will be easy for her to find.

Have fun!